A Summary of the FIVE Events


This class consists of a jumping round and an agility round. Results are combined and the least faults wins.


A round of Snooker and a round of Gamblers. Results from both rounds combined with the highest points in the quickest time winning.


All faults are converted to time (e.g., 5F = 3 seconds and so on) over 2 jumping, 2 agility and 1 speedstakes round.


A progression class through a jumping round to an agility round and then to the Final, which will also be an agility round. Results are not combined in this event, so least faults in each run wins.


A qualifying round with progression to a Final. Faults converted to time (e.g., 5F = 3 seconds and so on), results from the two rounds are not combined.

To view the detailed rules please view the event schedule


The CSJ Agility Open has the five jump heights as seen at the World Agility Open

  • Dogs 320mm & under, jump 250mm
  • Dogs 380mm & under, jump 300mm
  • Dogs 440mm & under, jump 400mm
  • Dogs 500mm & under, jump 500mm
  • Dogs 501mm & above, jump 600mm

Dogs can  jump in a higher height category